Long ago in a distant land…

A thousand years ago Darkness threatened to engulf the Six Kingdoms. Chaos and Death reigned throughout the land, with terrible monsters and evil beings of all kinds killing, looting, and despoiling at will.

A group of nine heroes rose up to challenge the Darkness. Alliances were forged, the diverse powers were channeled, and hope rekindled. Through a bloody struggle the Darkness was vanquished, and from the ashes of the old world, a new legend was born.

The alliances matured into the Western Republic, with each of the kingdoms having an equal standing. Guarding this new republic were the nine heroes and their followers. These were the first Knights of Griffin, and in time many have been drawn to serve.

For a thousand years the Order has guarded the people of the Republic, serving the kingdoms as a force of order and justice, keeping the people of the Republic safe from harm. However rumors have reached the Grandmasters of the Order that the Darkness is returning, and creeping slowly back into the world.

Order of the Griffins

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